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Glass Sand Painting


All artworks of Glass Sand Painting are drawn by only colored sand, with some bamboo sticks and spoon. Our style never use glue or any tricks. It looks difficult but it's just you should know how to handle sand and anyone who even can't draw or paint on a paper can make Glass Sand Art Painting.​We are also creating decorations of Glass Sand Art. It's made with basic skills but you can make it very creativity more than Painting.


Glass Sand Art


Glass Sand Art can be created with simple skills. You do not need to think it is difficult, it is just fun to create it with your favorite glass and our colored sand! The point is how to pour colored sand into a glass. By a bamboo stick, spoon or other tools, you can create more variety of patterns. And also you can decorate the top of sand with your favorite figures, flowers and any other item.   It can make with basic skills but you can make a creativity glass sand art.

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