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TexSandArt was started by Fumi McFarland in 2019. Fumi first discovered this art form online after moving from Japan to Texas. This unique art skill was being taught by a Vietnamese master named Phi Long to Japanese people.


Phi Long, who is deaf, has been recognized not only for his amazing skill, but also for his support of people with disabilities. He has made it his mission to support others who have disabilities like him, and to teach his sand painting skill in his atelier.


After working with study materials online, Fumi returned to Tokyo to take lessons in Japan directly from Phi Long. Fumi became more and more enamored with the art form and decided she wanted to expand this wonderful skill in the United States. She started the TexSandArt organization to accomplish this goal.


TexSandArt teaches sand painting skill via course lessons, conducts workshops and lessons in person or online, accepts commissions for custom pieces, and also provides DIY lesson videos and kits.

 AND        North American Sand Painters

ABOUT     Japan Sand Painting Association

North American Sand Painters (NASP) operates in North America with full support from the Japan Sand Painting Association (JSPA), operating under the same code.  The goal of our organization is to spread high-level, Vietnamese sand painting techniques to all of North American to provide fun opportunities for learning and doing business, and to support the welfare of physically challenged people in Vietnam.

ABOUT    Phi Long  and  Vietnamese Sand Painting 


Do Dang Phi Long was born in 1988 as a normal, healthy child, but at the age of 1, he contracted pneumonia, which led to the loss of his hearing and speech.  In 2005, Phi Long, by chance, saw the unique sand paintings of artist, Y Lan. This famous artist’s paintings impressed him so much that he asked her to give him an opportunity to be her apprentice. She accepted, and with a tremendous amount of training and hard work, just a year later, Phi Long became a skilled sand painting artist.

Back in Phan Thiet, Phi Long opened a sand painting school for disabled youth. In 2009, Phi Long opened a more spacious and better-equipped school for the disabled to learn in better conditions. To support his kind-hearted determination, Binh Thuan’s Provincial government granted Phi Long 50 year rights of usage to 500 square meters of land. The number of trainees gradually increased, and from the opening of the first sand painting class until now, Phi Long has trained over 340 people from all over Vietnam.

Currently, the Phi Long Sand Painting Company employs 30 disabled people, including skillful artisans and apprentices. The apprentices are provided with free boarding and food, and receive a monthly stipend that depends on their skill level. 

Sand Painting Art

Can you imagine drawing pictures with sand? Sand Painting Art is drawn using only colored sand and a bamboo skewer - no glue, no tape, or any other materials are used. Simply by using the skewer to shift the sand little by little, we can create shapes and pictures.


We make all of our sand painting art with enthusiasm and precision, working with care. This very unique skill is fun to watch on video and everyone will be surprised by watching a piece go from plain sand to Art.


All custom orders including a video of the making of the piece. Custom orders can be designed with many different options and your imagination. They make a perfect gift for your special someone, family, or close friends.

Glass Sand Art

Glass Sand Art can be created with simple skills. You do not need to think it is difficult, it is just fun to create it with your favorite glass and our colored sand! The point is how to pour colored sand into a glass. By a bamboo stick, spoon or other tools, you can create more variety of patterns. And also you can decorate the top of sand with your favorite figures, flowers and any other item.   It can make with basic skills but you can make a creativity glass sand art.

 our colored sand

Special powder sand

Our colored sand is imported from the Japan Sand Art Association. The sand is very fine with a light, powdery texture. Using this special sand is what allows us to make beautiful layers, draw detailed pictures, and create art. Our sand is very rare, and we make it available only to association members.